Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to register by?

The deadline for registration is August 20th, 2021

  • What size boats compete in the tournament?

Boats as small as 20' have been known to participate in the tournament. While it wouldn't be recommended to be your first tuna fishing trip, if you have taken your boat tuna fishing you are certainly capable of participating in the tournament. Boats in the 21'-24' have placed in the money multiple times in the tournament, including the last few years.  

  • Where do I get Ice?

Ice will be available to participants Friday afternoon between 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm at the Tillamook Bay Boat House (see the event map for details). If you need ice for Big Fish Friday, you can purchase it at Fish People Thursday afternoon - it's good to give them a heads up ahead of time, though.

  • What about Moorage during the event?

The Port of Garibaldi makes every effort to help with making slips available for participants in the tournament. Give the Port a call at 503-322-3292.

  • Can I bring guests to the Dinner/Party/Awards?

Your registration includes up to six people. There will be a limited number of tickets available for guests based on the seats available. Keep checking the registration page to purchase tickets. 

  • Where are good places to eat in the area?

 There are lots of good places to eat between Garibaldi and Rockaway. Be patient, however, as this will be a very busy weekend and everyone is understaffed. 


  • Ghost Hole Public House

  • Kelly's Place

  • Portside Bistro

  • Parkside

  • Hook Line and Sinker

  • Fisherman's Korner

  • Sea Baron Fish and Chips

  • Pirate's Cove

Rockaway Beach

  • Rick's Roadhouse

  • Sand Dollar

  • Rockaway Beach Little Store (great deli)

  • Beach Bite

  • Barview Jetty Taqueria (taco truck)

  • Barview Jetty Store (pizza and other hot food items)

  • Old Oregon Smokehouse

  • Upper Crust Pizza

  • Sunrise Cafe

  • Grumpy's 

  • What happens if the ocean is too rough the day of the event?

While the track record of good ocean conditions has been very good this time of year, it is certainly possible that the ocean can be rough enough it's difficult to get out. Since the tournament is a fundraiser for the Oregon food bank, and there are fixed costs in running the event, there are no refunds for entry fees (although any side-pots will be refunded). The whole goal of the tournament is to catch and donate fish to the food bank, however, and if the majority of the fleet can't fish it defeats a major point of the tournament. While the logistics may not always be possible, last year was a great example of moving the event date because the ocean forecast was going to preclude the vast majority of the fleet from participating, and it turned out to be a successful event with the 20' range boats able to participate. 

  • Is there a place to get fishing gear?

The Garibaldi Marina store is the closest. Barview Jetty Store has some fishing gear. The biggest selection will be Tillamook Sporting Goods.