Why Support the Oregon Tuna Classic

It’s all about community and caring about our neighbors – In Oregon 1 in 5 families will need the assistance of the Oregon Food Bank during the year. The focus of these tournaments is to feed those in need, while having a good time and sharing our passion for fishing. Some of the tuna from the tournaments will go directly to the local coastal food bank as fresh caught and delivered to the people of that port community and some will be canned and provided to the Oregon Food Bank to also assist those in need along the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Food Bank is a non-profit corporation (which makes your contributions tax-deductible, as allowable by law) and was selected as Oregon’s most admired non-profit by 800 CEO’s and senior officers within Oregon operations. The Oregon Tuna Classic is proud to be a partner of an organization with such a worthwhile cause.

Sponsor Objective

The tournaments will need sponsor support for direct costs, canning of tuna and prizes. The Oregon Tuna Classic will make every effort to showcase and market our sponsors products and services to the hundreds of participants attending the tournament festivities, as well as the thousands of people who will be informed of our efforts through print, broadcast and other media at a local, regional and national level. We will proudly display sponsor flags or banners during these events.

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