Thank you from the HIS Supper Table

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To all:

Just wanted to share with you a thank you we received from Mike at HIS Supper Table after Ilwaco event.  The fish from the event went to both sides of the river.  Reminds us all why we participate and volunteer.  Also, why the Oregon Tuna Classic and our food banks need everyone’s support from the community, volunteers, sponsors to the participants.  We all have a role in helping out. The Oregon Tuna Classic thanks you to all for your support.

Hi There Ilwaco OTC/Greg

This is Mike from HIS Supper Table and we just want to THANK YOU so much for the 33 Tuna we received from you and we just couldn’t be happier. We served it for dinner on Monday and everyone loved it. We served over 100 meals and still have enough to serve three more meals. We cut it up and deep fry it and it is simply delicious. What a treat for everyone to have a wonderful Tuna dinner and you made it possible.

Thank You.

Mike for HIS Supper Table

Garibaldi is next week.  It is not too late to signup if you haven’t yet.

Thank you again for  your support,

Greg Elliott





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